Tooth Implant A Cost-Effective Permanent, Affordable and Long-Term Solution

Tooth Implant: A Cost-Effective Permanent, Affordable and Long-Term Solution to Replace a Lost Tooth

Tooth Implants are an exciting development in dentistry. They can replace one tooth or all of your set, and are made out of titanium (which has excellent biocompatibility and rarely causes reactions in patients). Tooth Implants offer greater strength and durability than either dental bridges or dentures do, since they act like artificial roots to affix new teeth securely.

Different Types of Tooth Implants

  • Root Implant :-This type of Tooth Implant is the most sought-after in implant dentistry. It replicates the shape and size of a natural tooth, and after applying local anesthesia, the dentist creates an incision in the gum to access the jawbone. Once prepared, they insert the Tooth Implant with precision into place before stitching up any loose gums if necessary. Afterward, they may prescribe medication if needed as well.
  • The Osseo integration process, which typically takes three to six months, is when the jawbone attaches to a Tooth Implant and allows for fitting of the new tooth onto the implant. Once complete, Osseo integration will take place and you will have achieved success!
  • Plate form Implant: The Plate form implant is another option in implant dentistry for situations where jawbone width may not allow for root implants. Plate implants are longer and narrower than their root counterparts, so they can be securely embedded into jawbones with thin sections. While insertion of both types of implant dentistry remains similar, in some cases plate Tooth Implants can be placed immediately after restoration without waiting for Osseo integration to take place.
  • Subperiosteal Implant – When the jawbone is too weak for permanent dental implants, the Tooth Implant method may be used. Here, the implants sit atop of the jawbone and protrude into the gums rather than going into it like other Tooth Implants do. The dentist uses local anesthesia to take an impression of your mouth and jawbone, which is then used by dental labs to create customized implants tailored for the patient’s jaw. After placing the Tooth Implant on top, your dentist exposes the jawbone so the gums can form around it over the course of one month. Sometimes multiple types of implants can be placed simultaneously by taking a CAT scan of both jawbone and gum line.

Preservation Important

Patients should practice good oral hygiene, particularly after receiving a Tooth Implant. Without proper upkeep of teeth and gums, bacteria can attack sensitive areas, leading to expanded gums and receding jawbone.


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