5 Amazing Party Favors For Your Kid’s Birthday

By LuisWert

Birthday parties don’t have to be over. You don’t have to send your children home with stickers or cake. Instead, be imaginative and creative. Allow them to take home a piece of the party. Grapevine offers a range of Speurtocht items that can be used in combination with other ideas. There is something for everyone! There are fun games and treasure hunts for kids, quizzes , and murder mysteries for adults from all ages as well as special products for seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, Easter or Summer.

You don’t need to limit your options when it comes to party favors. It’s great to remind people of a good time.

Here are some party favor ideas that everyone will love.


Bubbles are a favorite of many. There are many Pump It Up locations that will help you throw a party inspired by bubbles.

Bubbles are cheap and easy to find at any time of year. You can decorate the bottles with ribbons or cellophane. Or let your kids create their own labels with colorful names. Parents want to give their children a reason to get outside and not be distracted by their phones? Bubbles are always the solution.

S’mores to-go

You don’t have to mess around with Tupperware, wrapping cupcakes or trying to wrap them. Instead, make it easy with a simple summer treat. A s’mores package can include graham crackers and a few marshmallows. This fun party favor is a fresh and exciting way to send your guests off. These favors are great for outdoor themed birthday parties or camping events. They will inspire your guests to go on a mini-camping trip.

Ballpark Bags

Are you planning a softball or baseball themed party? You can keep the party going by creating customized bags that include Cracker Jack, temporary tattoos and bubble gum. These bags are great for Little League players and their friends. You’re certain to hit a home run when you tie them with ribbon and make name labels that look just like baseballs.

Ask your local Pump It Up if they have any baseball-themed-goodies that you can purchase for your party.

Art Packs

This is a great idea for kids who want to be creative this summer. Art bundles are a fun and simple way for your children to express their creativity and have a lot of fun creating them.

Crayons, colored pencils, notepads, coloring books and watercolor sets can all be bundled together to make your child’s masterpieces. You may have to decorate your refrigerator a bit more but the fun they are having will be well worth it.

Get Pumped Up with Favors

You want to spend some time indoors at your children’s birthday party? Pump It Up offers a variety of sweet goodie bags that kids can enjoy after the party, as well as cups and goblets. Pump It Up is filled with toys and fun items like thundersticks and puzzles, as well as themed bags such as superheroes and rock stars.

You can book Pump It Up now by calling us or online to get rid of the hard work and have a fun, safe party.