Identification of the CEO and market

  • Addiction Treatment

Council identified a compelling SaVida Health market opportunity for investment, then found a talented Executive to work with in the search for potential targets. Council’s Business Development team found a company looking for a leader in the market and Council appointed that Executive as CEO.

  • Background

Howie Lewin, a world-class operator of healthcare services, is an experienced leader. He has previously been CEO of several multi-site river health department businesses and was also a Group Vice President at DaVita, where he was responsible to $700 million in revenue, led M&A, and completed 39 transactions. He had been supported by the Council Capital team before and was seeking opportunities that fit his skills.

  • Council Impact

Council’s Business Development team searched the outpatient substance abuse market, focusing on providers who primarily use Suboxone-based Medication Assisted Therapy. This is due to the high patient success rate and low cost. They identified 71 potential targets, and had discussions with 48 of them. This resulted in a 68% reach rate which is well above the industry average of 15%. Council narrowed down the list of potential target companies and met with Howie in order to invest in SaVida Health. They deemed it the right platform because of its proven success in providing high-quality care for patients.

As a closing ceremony, Terri Kline, a member of the CEO Council, and Larry Van Horn, formerly Ohio’s Medicaid director, joined the Board of Directors. Terri has held a number of senior executive positions with the nation’s largest interactive health massage chair plans. Larry is an expert on naya rivera mental health economics, strategy and policy.

To support Howie’s efforts to build a scalable platform, Heather O’Keefe (Chief Finance Officer) and Sameer Bhargava (Chief Tech Officer) joined the company as Council Shared Portfolio Executives. SaVida Health opens in St Albans for outpatient opioid addiction and alcohol abuse treatment

Vermont Business Magazine SaVida Health is a leader in outpatient medication assisted treatment for substance abuse disorder. A new treatment center will be opened at 17 Catherine St. in St Albans on November 2, 2020. This is the seventh specialty medical practice of SaVida in Vermont, joining other locations in Bennington Springfield, Newport Morrisville, Colchester and Colchester.

SaVida provides comprehensive, evidence-based services that are tailored to each individual’s needs. SaVida’s licensed practitioners can prescribe FDA-approved medication like Suboxone or Vivitrol at weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits. They also provide psych med management and counseling. SaVida’s case management services can connect patients with food insecurity, homelessness or unemployment to local resources. This holistic and integrated approach to treatment is widely recognized as the best form of outpatient treatment for substance abuse disorder.

“We are pleased to offer another option for those in recovery in the St. Albans region. We want to help people recover their lives through effective medical treatment that is tailored to each individual’s needs. Patients meet with their providers at convenient appointments. carmel health and living is an option. We can prescribe buprenorphine-based medications (e.g. Suboxone and Vivitrol have been shown to improve recovery rates. Dr. Susan Cary, Medical director said that our priority is helping patients achieve their goals by maintaining or achieving sobriety.

Sharon Shepard (Chief Operating Officer at SaVida) stated, “I am very happy to bring our services to the wonderful community.” “Addiction is a chronic illness that has affected most people’s lives. We meet patients at their level of recovery, and have a high success rate in helping them achieve and keep sobriety.

SaVida is a member of Vermont’s Hub and Spoke program and accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. SaVida St. Albans can be found at 17 Catherine St. in St Albans, VT and welcomes patients from Franklin or Grand Isle Counties.

SaVida Health

SaVida Health, a leader in addiction medicine, offers outpatient medication-assisted treatment of substance use disorders. SaVida was founded in 2010 and is a pioneer in the treatment of social and economic issues that directly affect a person’s ability and capacity to recover and regain their lives. SaVida is driven by the belief that addiction is not a personal failing but a disease. They provide confidential, respectful and compassionate care. SaVida currently operates 22 outpatient treatment centres in Vermont, Massachusetts Massachusetts, Maine Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware.


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