Assessment Tool for “Flow Health” Hydrology

Flow Health is an application that assists in the design, assessment and management of river flow regimes. Although it is primarily used to score hydrology in river health assessment, it can also be used to aid environmental flow assessment. Fluvial Systems and Yorb developed the tool as part of their River Health and Environmental Flow in China Project. It is free to download.

Flow Health Serves three major functions

The hydrology indicator is used in river gainesville health and fitness assessments. Analyzes flow data time series based on a comparison to a reference condition (i.e. Pre-regulation flow time series or modelled unregulated flows) are used to calculate scores for eight pre-defined indicators. A score of 1 indicates that the indicator is close to reference, while a score of zero is far from reference. Each year’s record year is combined with the indicator scores to create a Flow Health score.

To recommend a low-risk minimum monthly environmental flow regime,  automatically generates the minimum monthly flow regime with a score 1. You can also create a lower score regime.

To determine the hydrological trenton total health care and flow rate of any monthly flow regime used for environmental flow assessment can interactively be used to create a flow regime. The Flow Health indicator is continuously updated. Overall scores are also kept current. You can test any monthly flow regime.

Science behind Flow Health

The Flow Health hydrology assessment tool uses an Index of Flow Deviation to evaluate the hydrological vytalize health of a river. The IFD is based on eight indicators as shown in the graphs below. These indicators represent various aspects of the flow regime that are universally important for river health: periods of cease-toflow, base flows during low and high-flow periods, and timing or seasonality flows.

A score of 0 to 1 was assigned for each parameter based on the extent of deviation from a natural variability range derived from a reference year. A score of 1 was assigned to an indicator whose value fell within the 25th or 75th percentile ranges of the reference distribution. This method is based on monthly flow data and can be used for any river that has adequate flow data.

You can find a detailed description of the method here.

  • Software and publications
  • Assessment Tool for Flow Health Hydrology
  • Manual for Flow Health
  • Report on hydrological assessment methods
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