How to get the most accurate blood test results

By LuisWert

Although it may not be the most enjoyable experience, a blood test is essential to your overall health plan. A small amount of blood can reveal a lot about your health to your doctor. Although it works like a forecaster, what you do over the next few hours could affect your blood test results. Welzo is digital healthcare that helps you feel your best. A Private blood tests is an option if you need a test that isn’t available to the public. Welzo Advanced Thyroid blood test will give you a complete look at your thyroid function.

  • Doctors can benefit from blood tests.
  • Assess how well your organs work
  • Diagnose conditions and diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.
  • Check to see if you are at risk for developing heart disease.
  • Verify that the medicines you are taking are effective
  • Check the quality of your blood clotting
  • For Accurate Blood Test Results: Fast

Many people know that fasting is necessary before blood tests. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid eating and drinking before a blood test: this is to ensure the best possible results.

  • You will probably need to fast for the following blood tests:
  • Test for blood glucose
  • Cholesterol test (total HDL, LDL).
  • Triglyceride level test

Do not exercise for accurate blood test results

The results of glucose and cholesterol tests can be affected if you do a workout before your fasting blood test. He says that in some cases of cholesterol testing, exercising before getting blood drawn can actually cause your LDL cholesterol levels to rise. This is the bad cholesterol you want to lower.

While exercise can improve your overall blood panel, it can also negatively impact the results of a blood draw. So, don’t do any strenuous exercise before you have your blood drawn.

The results of blood tests could be affected by alcohol

Your blood test results should not be affected by alcohol consumed the night before. Fasting for 12 hours prior to the test (including alcohol) will likely allow it to be metabolized. However, it is best to limit your intake to one or two drinks.

If the panel is specific for your liver enzymes, it may be altered. Ask your doctor. If in doubt, leave it out.

Tests for Blood and Medications

Before you have your blood drawn, it is important to discuss your medications with your doctor. It is also a good idea to mention this information to the person drawing your blood so that they can take a note.

Your doctor may tell you to stop taking prescriptions.

While some medicines may cause blood tests to fail, this does not mean that you should stop taking them. For example, steroids can raise your cholesterol. However, your doctor may be able to take this into consideration when reviewing your results.

Supplements and vitamins can also have an effect on results. You should inform your doctor if you are taking any of these supplements or vitamins.

The results of blood tests are affected by smoking

You should not smoke to get the best blood test results.

Although there have not been any clinical studies that show e-cigarettes affect blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes, research has shown that higher nicotine levels are associated slightly with an increase in HbA1c in those without diabetes.

If you have been asked to fast prior to your blood test you should also avoid smoking.