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Commonwealth Primary Care

Sonora Quest Laboratories & Commonwealth Primary Care ACO join forces to improve patient care

Sonora Quest Laboratories Commonwealth Primary Care

Sonora Quest Laboratories has been selected by the Commonwealth Primary Care Accountable Care Organization to provide diagnostic testing to their patients in Arizona. This partnership will improve patient care and communication between Sonora Quest Laboratories, Commonwealth ACO’s network providers. It will also bring more information and educational resources for patients and doctors.

The Commonwealth Primary Care ACO is an alliance of 130 independent providers that aims to improve the quality and outcomes of Medicare patients in Arizona. Commonwealth Primary Care ACO gathers and analyzes data to help physicians coordinate care and improve communication.

Sonora Quest Laboratories is assisting in this mission. They will use their proprietary suite of Population Health Analytics solutions to provide actionable data to Commonwealth using historical and near-real time laboratory data. This tool will allow Commonwealth to assist in closing gaps in care and identifying risk within patient populations. It also allows Commonwealth to track patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Curtis Page, Commonwealth’s CEO, stated that “We are delighted to partner with Sonora Quest Laboratories. They are able to use the same technology and reliability as the national labs, while keeping their focus on Arizona’s local market. Our physicians will be able to gain unique insight into a patient’s diagnosis history, so they can tailor their care better.

David Dexter, Sonora Quest Laboratories CEO, said, “This partnership supports my vision, ‘To be the Trusted Leader In Diagnostics and Information Services. By using real-time data analytics to support population healthcare management and coordinated care, Commonwealth can improve patient outcomes at a lower cost.” We will work together and innovate to develop and refine best-in class diagnostic analytics. This will provide Commonwealth’s Clinical Care team information that will increase clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

Sonora Quest Laboratories

Sonora Quest Laboratories is a joint venture of Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics (NYSE DGX). It is one of the largest integrated laboratories in the country with over 3,000 employees who serve more than 23,000 patients daily throughout Arizona. Sonora Quest Laboratories, which performs more than 60,000,000 diagnostic tests annually, is Arizona’s market leader in clinical laboratory testing. Sonora Quest Laboratories provides a comprehensive local test menu that includes routine, molecular and prescription drug monitoring, cytogenetic and pathology testing services. Ninety-eight% of all testing takes place at Tempe, Tucson Flagstaff, Flagstaff and Prescott. Sonora Quest Laboratories has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists. This accreditation is the gold standard for laboratory accreditation. It helps laboratories maintain the accuracy of test results and assure accurate diagnosis. This accreditation guarantees the highest quality of care for all laboratory patients. CAP inspectors inspect laboratory staff qualifications, safety program, records, and overall management.

About Commonwealth Primary Care ACO

Commonwealth Primary Care ACO is a primary-care owned, governed, and operated Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO (MSSP). The provider base includes more than 130 Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. CPCACO is home to over 15,000 MSSP beneficiaries, as well as 30,000 members of the Commercial and Medicaid ACO programs. The Commonwealth Primary Care ACO is based in Arizona and has many of its physicians located in the Phoenix metro area. CPCACO’s ACO programs have been successful in improving quality and cost metrics. They also strive to support independent primary care.

About Dr. Haacke Golden

Dr. Eric Haacke Golden, a Short Pump family medicine physician, treats patients of all ages, from six to adulthood. He provides thoughtful care that helps them see the bigger picture and understand what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

He says, “Everything is interrelated.” “All of our physical, emotional, spiritual and spiritual parts are important. I enjoy helping my patients to put it all together to find the best solution.”

After graduating from The University of Minnesota Medical School he moved to Virginia where he completed his residency at Chesterfield Family Practice. Dr. Haacke Golden has been practicing medicine for 18 years. He was the founding partner of Virginia Family Physicians. They later merged with Commonwealth Primary Care.

PartnerMD was founded by him in 2021. He is thrilled about the chance to provide exceptional care to his patients through concierge medicine.

“I’m excited about returning to medicine the way it should be practiced, with patience and enough time to fully understand each patient.”

Dr. Haacke Golden was twice named Richmond’s Top Docs by Richmond Magazine. He has also been honored in OurHealth Richmond’s Best Bedside Manner Awards 3 times.

The Philosophy of Care by Dr. Haacke Golden

Dr. Haacke Golden states, “When I talk with a patient I listen to their words and try to understand the whole picture.” “Then, I can narrow down the options and suggest solutions that will have an impact on long-term health.”

His main goal is to help patients achieve balance in their lives.

He says that listening to patients is a huge part of his job. “Because they can identify which aspects of their health require a little more work but also the best and most balanced way to get there,” he said.

Commonwealth Primary Care provides medical services in eight locations throughout the Richmond area. The 41 Board-certified Primary care physicians, 13th physician assistants, and nurse practitioners comprise Commonwealth primary care. The common vision of this primary care doctor was to provide comprehensive healthcare services to families in the most efficient, convenient, and comprehensive manner possible.

Pacific Dental Services (r) (PDS), a leading national dental support organization, announced today a new partnership with Arizona-based accountable healthcare organization (ACO), Commonwealth Primary Care ACO. (Commonwealth). This partnership aims to reduce medical expenses and improve the overall health of ACO’s Arizona patient population. Both parties will focus on medical-dental integration in the first phase of the partnership so that patients with diabetes or prediabetes within Commonwealth’s network will be provided proper oral care and periodontal treatment as part of their clinical treatment plan. The collaboration will eventually be extended to all Commonwealth patients to help create a healthier population in Arizona.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2020 analysis, diabetes is a serious public health problem in the United States. 34.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with it, or 10.5 per cent of the total population. The American Diabetes Association has reported that diabetes costs the U.S. $327 billion annually. Annual health care costs for someone with diabetes are 2.3x higher than those without diabetes.

Research has shown that diabetes and periodontal diseases have a bidirectional relationship. This means that each disease and its inflammatory factors directly affect the other. Periodontal disease is also often considered to be a side effect of diabetes. Studies have shown that periodontal disease treatment in high-risk patients such as Type 2 diabetes can result in a 40% reduction in hospital admissions, emergency rooms visits, and overall healthcare expenditure.

Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2021 report stated that almost half of Medicare beneficiaries don’t have dental insurance, and have not visited the dentist in the last year. PDS Arizona currently supports over 90 dental practices. Commonwealth has a network that includes 24 multi-specialty primary care offices, and more than 130 independent doctors throughout the state. About 25 percent of the Medicare Advantage beneficiaries currently receiving care from Commonwealth providers have diabetes, and many others don’t have dental insurance. PDS and Commonwealth have developed a customized dental plan to address this gap. This will make it easier for patients to access the necessary treatment.