Gravity Fitness: for Diabetics

Gravity Fitness for Diabetics: What is it and how do you achieve it?

Nearly 60% of diabetics answered “walking” when asked about their exercise routine. This belief is widespread in the United States and worldwide. It is recommended that diabetics walk at least 45 minutes each day and do some yoga gravity fitness asanas such as Kapalbhaati, Mandukasana, Kapalbhaati. These are great if you’re talking about reversal, stoppage or insulin.

Sugar drops when you oppose gravity fitness. Let’s take a closer look at Gravity Fitness and its importance for diabetics.

Understanding the differences between exercise and physical activity is key to understanding all of this. These two terms are often misunderstood. Many people think that exercise is unnecessary if they have a full-time job CRAIGSLIST NH and are not physically active. Physical activity is any movement that increases energy. Your day-to-day activities are not considered exercise. This is simply because your body has been programmed to perform simple physical activity.

An exercise is a structured, planned activity that has a goal and an intention. You can exercise aerobically, resistance train, or combine aerobic and resistance training.

What is Anti-Gravity Exactly?

Anti-gravity involves a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that involve the continual movement of large muscle groups. Walking is more efficient than climbing stairs against gravity fitness. This is because glucose needs to rise at a faster rate, so blood glucose pulls into the muscles cells (sometimes even without insulin).

If one is against gravity fitness, the muscles will need more glucose and so they will pull glucose from the blood. Anti-gravity exercises require you to use major muscle groups. This can cause a drop in sugar levels of 30-50-80 points. Anti-gravity works by opening up the receptor locks to move blood glucose into cells. This prevents excess glucose from being converted into fats.

Anti Gravity Fitness Benefits


  • Tight joints can be decompressed
  • Lengethening and core strengthening
  • Muscle strength and flexibility increase
  • Align the vertebrae while relieving pressure
  • Increased kinesthetic awareness
  • Balance fine-tuning & enhanced proprioception
  • Cardio-vascular conditioning with low impact
  • Advanced yoga and postural inversions can be done without any neck or back compression
  • Do not hold difficult yoga poses for too long and with the correct alignment
  • You can stretch further and with less strain
  • Self-massage techniques can help release muscular tension
  • This adds a whole new dimension to your Yoga/Fitness practices
  • Improve your body awareness and overall agility
  • Enhance self-esteem by conquering your fears
  • It revitalizes the lymphatic, digestive and circulatory systems
  • Releases aEURoehappyhormonesaEUR, i.e. serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine
  • It increases the Neuroplasticity (oneaEUR(tm),s ability to learn).


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