Tooth Implant Frequently Answered Questions

Tooth Implant FAQs – Common Questions answered

Tooth Implant offer a long-lasting solution for women and men who suffer from broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth. The procedure results in an attractive smile but there are several steps involved before patients reach that point. It is essential that individuals learn all they can about Tooth Implantation before beginning treatment.

Review some of the most frequently asked Tooth Implant questions.

What Are Tooth Implants?

Tooth Implants are made of titanium alloy and designed to be implanted into the jawbone, acting as a permanent fixture. Teeth Implants can support dentures, fixed bridges and crowns alike due to their sturdy yet lightweight nature and unique ability to bond with bone for long-lasting support. Titanium alloy has also been specifically chosen for this purpose due to its capacity to connect with bone tissue.

What are the advantages of dental implants versus other forms of replacement for teeth?

Traditional dental prosthetics like bridges, crowns and dentures provide patients with adequate tooth replacement options. However, implants offer patients a long-lasting solution that provides stability and security. Patients can eat and speak confidently knowing their implant will hold up. Furthermore, since implants do not rely on nearby teeth for support, patients may notice improvements in their overall oral health as well.

Are All People Eligible for Tooth Implants?

Patients aren’t automatically qualified for Tooth Implants just because they have missing teeth. There are specific criteria that must be examined and met before a patient can be considered for an implant, including:

General Oral Health. In order for Tooth Implants to be successful, the overall oral health of a person, particularly their gums and remaining teeth, must be in excellent condition. If there are any issues such as gum disease, dental decay or broken teeth, treatment must be administered prior to beginning the implant process.

Maintaining dental health after treatment. After successful treatments, oral health must be maintained to ensure long-lasting results. Your dentist can provide an appropriate cleaning schedule and advise you on how to care for your implants.

Bone Quality and Quantity Matter. Successful implant placement depends on the quantity and quality of bone surrounding the implant. If patients cannot supply enough quantity or quality of bone for successful implant placement, various methods can be employed to increase bone volume for successful outcomes.

Are There Any Age Restrictions on Tooth Implants?

An exact age limit for Tooth Implants isn’t cannot be determined since each person’s bone growth rate varies. Since implants are placed into the jawbone, age isn’t an issue; rather, bone growth should be taken into consideration. Youngsters and adolescents generally should wait until their bones have fully developed before considering surgery for implants; otherwise, your dentist may recommend waiting until full bone development has taken place before placing the implants.

Are Implants 100% Guaranteed? Are There Any Promises Made on Implants?

Though no guarantee can be given when it comes to implants, studies have demonstrated an average success rate of 90% in five to ten years. Plus, implants have been known to last well beyond 30 years! Patients can expect long-term success when they follow post-implant instructions closely.

Are there any potential health concerns I should be aware of?

As with any medical or aesthetic procedure, Tooth Implant treatments come with certain risks that are rare and easily treatable. Implant failure and damage to surrounding teeth are the two most frequent issues patients encounter; however, by following a carefully planned treatment plan, these risks can be greatly reduced.

Implants that fail within minutes usually indicate an infection or weak bone structure. With proper healing time (usually several months), then the implant can be successfully reinserted. Implant failure also occurs after years of initial success when excessive stress was applied to the implant or when too few implants were installed (often when patients attempt to cut costs). With proper treatment however, this risk can be minimized.

Perimplantitis, a condition that may arise during Tooth Implantation, is similar to gum disease (periodontitis) and involves inflammation of the gums as well as progressive bone loss around the implant site. This condition can be avoided through regular brushing, cleaning of the implant and scheduled dental visits; however, prevention is key!


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