By LuisWert

Yoga In The Hood is a place where you can make a difference in friendship, healing, or fitness. Shannon Wells Famennian is a yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga in the Treasure Valley for more than 25 years. Shannon’s love for yoga and desire to improve the well-being and happiness of others is evident in her sensitive and educational approach to teaching.

Yoga In The Hood is a Unique

Shannon built a strong following in her first studio in Sacramento in 1997. She was a trailblazer in power-based yoga, and she spent a lot of time learning different practices. Shannon and her husband moved to Boise Cat Yoga¬†after the birth of their son. After moving to Hidden Springs, she began practicing yoga from her home. Yoga In The Hood is a unique, welcoming environment. You are immediately inspired by the gallery of amazing yoga poses as you walk up the stairs. You are taken to the top of the stairs and whisked away into a relaxing, encouraging studio. Soft music lifts the atmosphere and allows you to “uncover your true self with empowerment, compassion and some tough love, if necessary.”

Shannon felt compelled to open her own studio as she grew in Boise. She found the perfect location in Boise almost immediately. Shannon was granted a loan guarantee by the SBA in 2014 to buy and renovate the new home for Yoga In The Hood. Shannon is currently constructing her new space and hopes to open the doors to the public on October 1, 2014. I’m excited to open a small, intimate yoga studio that is supportive and focused on wisdom, openness, joy, and compassion.

There is always a way. Yoga In The Hood is a great example of how small businesses can grow. With SBA support, Shannon brings a lot of inner peace and calm to Treasure Valley.

Zions Bank again received the largest U.S. Small Business Administration loans for Boise District in the past year. However, Wells Fargo borrowed $12.6 million more in SBA’s 7 and 504 loans, respectively, from October to December.

Yoga N Da Hood strives to make wellness affordable to women of color living in low-resource communities. Women of color need to have their own space, allowing them to feel comfortable even in the most uncomfortable. It is important to have space to heal from traumas past, directly or indirectly. This includes sexual and physical abuse as well as generational and rascal traumas. Yoga N Da Hood is committed to the emotional, physical, and mental development of women of color.