Cat Yoga: can help you relax your mind and body.

By LuisWert

What is the latest exercise trend in the fitness industry? 

Yoga with pets is a growing trend. It’s good for both the humans and their feline companions. Cat yoga is a great way to bond with your cat and do some exercise.

Human Health Benefits

Yoga is more than just a series or physical poses. It also includes meditation and breathing. Yoga, a discipline that has been practiced since thousands of years, is becoming more popular as more people realize its benefits. Yoga is known to improve flexibility, increase muscle tone, and nurture mindfulness. Research also shows that it can help with anxiety, chronic illness, depression, and other issues.

Stretch together

How do cats fit in to this discipline? Cats are excellent at learning yoga and can be both stretchers and intuitive soothers. You’ll be amazed at how flexible mini exercise bike your cat’s muscles will appear when she gets up from a nap.

Cats are curious and playful by nature. Your cat yoga will join you on the yoga mat to practice her cat pose and possibly claw the mat. Be aware.


Even if your cat is not your pet, you can still exercise with other cats. Cat yoga nights are offered by animal shelters all over the United States to help people find inner peace and strengthen their cores.

This interaction is also very beneficial for the cat yoga. CNN spoke with Lisa Johns, manager of Good Mews Cat Shelter in Marietta, Georgia. She explained that the cats get stimulation from humans. They are curious about everything that is happening. They are loved and cared for and socialized more. Good Mews offers yoga classes taught by a certified yoga instructor whose goal it is to welcome pet owners and animal lovers to the shelter to meet the cats. It’s a win-win! This wonderful experience is offered by many local yoga studios and animal shelters.

Namewaster: Yoga Benefits for Cats

My yoga partner is Natasha, my cat Natasha. When she rubs her tail under mine while I’m doing Half Moon pose, or when I’m in Downward Facing Dog, it helps me stay focused. She is a pro at shavasana (the relaxation pose at the end)

Yoga is a practice that cat-loving yogis admire their pets’ ability to do. Now, more people can enjoy the benefits of cat yoga. This fun, furry, and physically amazing phenomenon is growing in cat yoga cafes and shelters across the country.

Symbiotic Health Benefits cat yoga

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, yoga is one of the most popular complementary health methods that can be used to improve health and well-being, stress relief, anxiety and quality of life. Lower blood pressure, heart rate, depression, insomnia relief, lower symptoms of low back pain, improved strength, flexibility and overall health are some of the benefits.

Research has shown that yoga is good for the human body. But, can shared yoga classes be beneficial to cats? Science confirms this.