By LuisWert

This term was used by a friend recently. He said that he had a yoga butt. What? Asana is great for a workout and can provide many other benefits than the calories burned. But what exactly is a yoga butt, you ask? Although I am not sure what a yoga butt is, I think it looks a lot like the yoga booty.

Modern society is known for spending a lot of time on their butts, with our hips constantly flexed. Our glutes become numb and need to be strengthened. Glute weakness is a major cause of hip tightness in students, which I have found Believe Supplements┬áto be increasing. Poor glute activation is often a result, as well as difficulty getting them firing in unison. Yoga is a great way to get our glutes moving again. However, we tend to “stretch them” with hip-openers more than we actually strengthen them.

What is yoga butt?

Yoga butt is technically known as proximal tendinopathy. It is an inflammation or irritation of the hamstrings at their attachment site on ischial tuberosity. (The sitting bone). Jenni Tarma is a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist.

Tarma states that tendinopathy can also be caused by an acute injury to these tendons. However, this is rare.

Do not be afraid, peaceful warrior. Learn all about yoga butt, its causes, and how to fix it.

It can actually be quite painful, especially if it isn’t treated properly. This is why it is important to learn how to treat a yoga butt injury, especially if you are a regular practitioner of yoga, or dance, or martial arts.

What exactly is yoga butt?

We are glad you asked. Yoga butt is a common name for what is most commonly called high-hamstring tendinopathy. Dr. Foster explains that the tendon in the proximal hamstring muscles has been irritated. This is the area where your top leg meets your glutes, near your smile line.

Tendinopathy can be described as anything from tendinitis (or inflammation/irritation) to tendinopathy. It usually occurs when the body doesn’t warm up properly, or is stretched more frequently, Dr. Foster states.

Avoiding Overuse

Stress injuries are another cause. They occur when you rely too heavily on your hamstrings for holding poses instead of other muscles. Even in simple poses, such as going from standing to forward folded without rounding your back, this can occur. Dr. Foster states that forward folds are more often done from the hips than from the spine in yoga. If you do this enough, it could lead to a stress injury.

How to Treat Yoga Butt

Dr. Foster suggests that you see a doctor or physical therapist if you have a yoga butt injury. This will allow them to assess the injury and make sure that it does not get worse. It’s best to not stretch until you have seen a professional. Most of these injuries are caused when you overstretch.

Resting if possible is the best thing. Dr. Foster suggests restorative yoga if you are desperate to return to yoga, particularly for its mental health benefits.