Yoga logos to help you find your center

By LuisWert

Deepen your breathing. Release your anxiety and confusion. Let us shed some light on the design of a yoga logo.

Perhaps you have put your heart, soul, and mind into creating a space where you can share the ancient world treasure of yoga. Maybe you just need inspiration to get started with your creative flow. This simple guide will help you get started on branding your practice.

Here are a few examples of yoga logos that we believe speak to the collective unconscious. Yoga students are not only physically intelligent but also spatially intelligent. If your logo is accurate, they will be able to identify the essence of your brand. After you have learned these basic archetypes, it will be easy to create your logo.

There are eight sections to this section: the circle, lotus pose and sacred geometry. Let’s all grow together.

Yoga logos include circles

The use of the circle in yoga logos is one way to suggest community. People and groups often meet in circles to exchange information grasshopper exercise and energy. A circle is a group of people who are all in front and back of each other. This implies that there is a non-hierarchical, balanced unit of like-minded friends.

Let’s get warm with the Sunny Mind Yoga logo. It uses thin lines to encompass the company name. Two logos with circles reflect this thin line technique. Each one embraces the company’s ideals in its own way. Free Spirit Wild Heart uses dots to make the circle more interesting. This creates more open energy but still maintains a calm and protective aura.

Yoga logos featuring the lotus pose

For beginners, images of Bendy Betty in the destroyer pose and Fletcher Stretcher at the double buddhasana may make it seem overwhelming. There are many lotus pose logos that can help students feel at ease.

A lotus pose is not intimidating for a beginner, and sitting suggests stillness and peace. It’s like saying “Come on in!” It’s perfectly fine.

The Spinning Yogis are using an infinity line as a symbol of crossed legs and bicycle wheels. You can travel at their studio without even moving. Let’s go! Mighty Kids Yoga chose the lotus position, but this time it is a friendly yogi bear. Psychedelic Yoga, Buddha Belly Health And Wellness, and Mindful Reptiles both make use of Buddhas. Peace Frog Yoga uses a reptilian approach while Mindful Reptiles and Mindful Yoga keep grounded.

Yoga logos in purple

The strongest visible wavelength of rainbow is purple. Only a few steps from gamma and x-rays. You’re literally miles away, dude. This is why the color is more associated with the cosmos and supernatural energy than the physical world. We’ll next look at logos that use this powerful color.

In the Maternal Massage and Fitness logo, for example, a repeated female figure transforms from a supernaturally energetic purple to fertile green with an increasing baby bump. Purple is used in the Quickie Yoga and Ashufta Academy identities to signify a supernatural, cosmic recharging source. Subtle Yoga’s subtle shade of amethyst demonstrates that the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the energy.